Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To NaNo or Not to NaNo...

...that is the question. (With apologies to the Bard. ; )

All writers have heard of the National Novel Writing Month and either plan to jump in with both feet, grateful for the camaraderie, or shake in a cold sweat at the very idea of attempting to draft 50,000 words in a month.

Me? I'm in the latter group. ; ) But that admission doesn't mean that I don't love to play along on the outside of the "official" NaNo. My beloved Forum provides just such a way to play. Check out the Mini-NaNo thread.

Thinking about attempting even the Mini-NaNo made me think about journeys and what it takes to accomplish one. In the past, our ancestors packed up and moved great distances over rugged terrain in wagons. Planning for a trip, even for a few days, requires planning, so to plan to write for a month does, too. Listing what will be needed for the "trip" is important. Some writers work from extensive outlines. As I'm a bit allergic to formal outlines, I find a list of possible scenes to be enough. But the fact that I list them out, means my brain is already primed to work...at least I hope so. ; )

A ready access to research, paper, pens, and computer is necessary. Some writers even cook ahead and freeze soups, stews, and chilies. Others do a major cleaning before starting so that they don't feel pulled from writing to dust the blinds. (I'm not in that category, but I have gotten the unpacking done from the renovations...or will before Thursday gets here. ; )

What about you? Are you planning on doing NaNo in any form?
What preparations do you make before starting?

Here are some bonus notes from the Surrey  Conference Live:
My thoughts and prayers to all affected by Hurricane Sandy. Have a safe Halloween and get your pens and computers ready.