Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April Mini Book Reviews: 4 Books to Consider...K. Callihan, J. Clavell, D. Ducharme, C. O'Flynn

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 SOULBOUND Kristen Callihan: Historical-Paranormal-Steampunk Romance

Really! I know you were blown away by the genre designation on Callihan's latest, but if you've read her Darkest London series, you know that's what it is. ;-) Her deep characters and whiplash plot will pull you in and keep you reading. Warning: This is on the erotic side of romance. Reader beware.  

SHOGUN James Clavell: Historical

Clavell's Asian Saga is a periodic reread for me. Here's the book that caused such a stir with it's debut in 1975 and it became a hit mini series as well. The book tells the story of old Japan, replete with samurai, ninja, geisha, and characters who will live forever--Toda Mariko, Yoshi Toranaga, and the English pilot who turns their live upside down-John Blackthorne.

THE OUTER BANKS HOUSE Diann Ducharme: Historical Romance

Ducharme's hypnotic historical will pull into a world you've never visited before--the North Carolina Outer Banks in 1868. And immerse you in an unlikely romance between a planter's daughter and a "banker" fisherman. I dare you to forget this one once you've read it. ;-)


This is a richly detailed coming of age and quest story that draws you into a world of wonder and surprising revelations. I will be looking for part two of this new series. 

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