Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Book Pusher: January 2018

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GO AWAY HOME Carol Bodensteiner: Women's Fiction/Romance

This sweet story is shot through with truth about love, relationships, and life. A Good Read

INTO THE FREE Julie Cantrell: Christian Women's Fiction

Millie Reynolds knows the deep truth of the natural world, but learning how humans treat each other, for good and ill, comes at a higher price--finding freedom requires all her knowledge and her bravery.

CHRISTY Catherine Marshall: Christian Women's Fiction/Romance

This is a great read and a classic of Christian fiction at it's best. You can't find better insight into Appalachia in the early 1900s.

LIFE IN CHAPEL SPRINGS Ane Mulligan: Women's Fiction

Mulligan's latest humorous story of Chapel Springs pits a middle aged Claire against gold fever. Not only is it a hilarious battle, it is true to life.

PERFECTLY UNDONE Jamie Raintree: Women's Fiction

Career, love, and guilt all roll onto Dr. Dylan Michels and has to decide--should she continue to be "perfect" or come undone. Great read.


Vanessa Hollister has to plan a destination wedding for her second marriage where she married her high school love. Only a hurricane has another plan and Vanessa has to decide between husband number one or number two. You'll enjoy this read.

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