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Published November 2009
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Need to get ready for Easter? Along with the new spring clothes, candy eggs, and lilies, take a walk with Christ to Jerusalem and the Cross. Join the crowds at the Temple and the disciples at the Last Supper in the Upper Room, and find his message of peace and hope that saves us from separation from God. An Easter Walk includes forty devotions and it is perfect for Lent or any time you would like to study Christ's last days on Earth.

I didn’t begin writing An Easter Walk with the idea that it was a book. In fact, I didn’t plan to write a book of Easter devotions, but in 2005, when my pastor began to emphasize Lent and truly preparing our hearts to worship at Easter like we do at Christmas, I started reading of the Holy Week story. I used my study Bible and using the list of all the four Gospels, I compared and read all the scripture concerning Holy Week. I began writing down my immediate responses and as I went, I realized I might need to share what I was writing. I researched Lent and realized I needed forty devotions, one for each of the forty days. I didn’t have a clue what they would be, but, guess what? I did have forty topics. In 2007, my church printed a pamphlet version under the original title of “This Holy Week.” I was encouraged to publish this collection of devotions for a broader audience. The end product is An Easter Walk.

Here's what some readers of An Easter Walk have to say:

As you prepare your heart and mind for the blessed seasons of Easter and Christmas, devotionals like Zan Marie Steadham's An Easter Walk can be very beneficial. Highly recommended reading.

--Sharon Bond, Park Ridge, Illinois

I've been reading An Easter Walk and have to say, it was a wonderful guide during Lent. I think it'll become one of those books I reread every Lent.

--Deniz Bevan, Author, Montreal, Canada

An Easter Walk is wonderful! And it is needed. It's the only book I know of that presents the story so logically and is interesting to read. The language is just right.

--Susan Marsh Edwards, Freelance Writer, Richmond, Virginia

Published September 2010
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Advent is a joyous time when we prepare for family celebrations--food, presents, and decorations. Do we also prepare our hearts for celebration of the arrival of the Lord of Creation? Jesus's birth is too important for us to allow it to be hidden among the wadded gift paper and tangled lights that litter our pre-Christmas days. A Christmas Walk is a series of Advent devotions that seek to prepare our hearts for the arrival of our Savior and allow us to appreciate the gift that sets the stage for Easter. By providing a walk through prophecies and their fulfillment, the devotions allows us to savor the beauty of God's plan to provide us with a relationship with Him.

A Christmas Walk is the natural companion book for An Easter Walk. I began to write it in November 2009. Combining the four Gospels’ different takes on the birth of Christ with the prophecies was interesting challenge. Two of my editors—Martha and Thea Stallings—had suggestions for the order of the devotions. It pays to have good editors since I used both suggestions.

And now some other books by Zan Marie Steadham

Published August 2007
Coauthors: J. David Griffin, Cecil D. (Ted) McCollum, Zan Marie Steadham
Second Edition Editor: Zan Marie Steadham
First Baptist Church, 102 Dixie St., Carrollton, GA 30117

A History of First Baptist Church tells the story of a growing, dynamic church that is rooted in downtown Carrollton, Georgia. Founded in 1847, First Baptist Church has a long and interesting history.

Published August 2007
First Baptist Church, 102 Dixie St., Carrollton, GA 30117

Zan Marie Steadham is the author of a delightful and humorous look at this dynamic church. This book was written as a challenge to take 160 years of First Baptist Church’s history in a children’s format.