Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Book Pusher's March Mini Book Reviews

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THE FIREBIRD Susanna Kearsley: Historical Romance

After reading Winter Sea, read The Firebird! You won't be sorry you did. Kearsley's remarkable talent from knitting together history and fiction continues in this story. Anna's story is framed by Nikola's will break, mend, and win you heart.

ANOTHER PLACE ON THE PLANET T. A. Munroe: Women's Fiction with elements of Romance

With a great story and beautiful characterization, T. A. Munroe takes Lily and Charlie through their emotional tale to a satisfying resolution. (subject notice: sex addiction)

ONE TRUE THING Anna Quindlen: Literary Fiction

This story of a terminally ill woman and her family will challenge your heart, your brain, and you ability to forgive. Beautiful language throughout the story.

ALL MY BELONINGS Cynthia Ruchti: Christian Women's Fiction

All My Belongings is a deeply rich story of forgiveness and love. You'll never forget Becca and Isaac or their story of finding a living faith. Some would label this a romance and miss the deep truths tucked into the lives of two enduring characters.

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