Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Book Pusher: October

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Here's a harvest of books for you!

UNDERCITY Catherine Asaro: SF
Undercity is a stirring addition to Asaro's Skolian Empire Series. The main character is an unlikely hero--Major Bhaajan--a PI with a voice you'll love.

BEAUTY LIKE THE NIGHT Joanna Bourne: Historical Romance

With another fabulous romance, Joanna Bourne finds Severine de Cabrillac an interesting romantic option--a jewel thief and wine maker. But can they find who killed his wife and is after Severine in time? You'll turn the pages as fast as you can read because Bourne has created a wonderful plot--a always.

THE FEATHERED BONE Julie Cantrell: Women's Fiction

This is an amazing examination of faith and grace at the intersection of abuse and family life. Set against the backdrop of New Orleans and Katrina, Cantrell's story will stop you cold and rebuild your compassion.

IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER Julia Spencer-Fleming: Mystery

Not only are Spencer-Fleming's books wonderful, intricate mysteries, she also creates deep, rich characters. The developing relationship between Clare Fergusson, the Episcopal priest, and Russ Van Alstyne, the police chief, is amazing for it emotional reality. If you read mysteries, read these books! If you love real characters, read these books.

SEVEN STONES TO STAND OR FALL Diana Gabaldon: Historical Fiction with elements of SF

Anytime you read this master of fiction's words, you're in for a treat. That goes double for new words. This anthology is stuffed with five older short (well, at least by Gabaldon's standards) pieces
and two ravishing new ones. Get it now!

THE ALMONST SISTERS Joshilyn Jackson Women's Fiction

This is Jackson's best book yet. With an unflinching vision, The Almost Sisters takes on the real layers of the South and race, allowing us to come to the truth of who we are and what we could become. Absolutely must read now!

CLOSER HOME Kerry Anne King: Women's Fiction

No matter how far you go, you're always moving closer to home. At least, that's what Annalise Redding discovers in King's story. Good read!

THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US Charles Martin: Adventure/Romance

The Mountain Between Us is an amazing testament to enduring love and the stamina and faith required to maintain it. Must Read (Now, a movie, but I haven't seen it.)

TWO ROADS HOME Deborah Raney: Christian home life 

The second story of the five Chicory Inn series is a sweet story of counting the blessings and choice we all make. A sweet read.

LIFT AND SEPARATE Marilyn Simon Rothstein: Women's Fiction

This is a wry look at marriage, family, mothers, and of course, bra sizes and fit. This one will have you in stitches--and tears. Good read.

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