Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Eyes Have It

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I'll be missing in action next week. I'm having my first cataract surgery. Yes, I'm that old. I know you didn't think so from my photo. Ha! I know better. So, if I don't hop around much next week, please cut me a break. My optometrists and ophthalmologists have been tracking them for over six years. Now, they're finally "bad enough" by the standards of my insurance company for removal. 

Our eyes are so important to our writing. We observe, write, edit--everything with our eyes fully engaged. As my sight took that gradual dimming that comes with age, I knew I'd have to do something. Glare is a constant companion. In fact, when I edit either on screen or on paper, I found the glare to be more than distracting.

Here's hoping that that problem will be gone soon! By the way, I'm opting for multi-focal lens implants. I'll be saying "Goodbye!!!!" to glasses, my hated companion for fifty-one years. (Now, be a sweetie and don't try to figure out my age from that tidbit. ;-)

Hopefully, I'll be a better blog-visitor when this is all done. Keep your fingers crossed!

In Two Weeks: The Book Pusher is back!