Tuesday, July 21, 2015

4 Mini Book Reviews for July (part 1)--R. Alford, S. Baker, M. Dilloway, B. White

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 I'm still on a mission to fulfill your beach read needs. ;-)

MOTHER OF MY SON Rachel Alford: Christian Women's Ficiton

Here's a lovely story of the mother of an unwanted child and a "childless" mother who connect through a young man. Forgiveness and redemption are the themes. Both are grounded in the characters' journey.

LEDBETTER STREET Susan Baker: Women's Fiction

Ledbetter Street's colorful cast of characters come from all walks of life and share genuine concern for each other as they deal with a wide range of social issues. 

SISTERS OF HEART AND SNOW Margaret Dilloway: Women's Fiction

A lovingly told story of five women in both ancient Japan and modern America. Must Read!

THE PERFECT SON Barbara Claypole White: Women's Fiction

 What's the worst thing that can happen when you must have everything in control? That's exactly the question in Barbara Claypole White's latest--The Perfect Son. Her insightful and delicate touch with characters suffering from mental illness is a hallmark of her novels.  The Perfect Son solidifies my opinion of her expert story telling.

Next Week: Another Mini Book Reviews--Re-read edition!