Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April The Book Pusher's Mini Book Reviews: J. Jackson, K. Paterka, L. Shuler, C. Swanson

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THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYONE Joshilyn Jackson: Women's Fiction

Jackson's latest is an intricate blend of hidden tales and a lost girl's journey home. This is a story that's happening everywhere a child has to piece their life together from fragments. the whole promises hope, but the path is long and winding. Excellent Read

THE OTHER WIFE Kathleen Irene Paterka: Women's Fiction

A good story of two wives who find themselves in the same situation. Combined with a plot twist I didn't see coming and you have a Good Read.

 HIDDEN SHADOWS Linda Lucretia Shuler: Women's Fiction with elements of Magical Realism

This is an amazing tour of a woman's heart and mind. Cassie Brighton's journey of self-discovery will pull you in and capture your heart. Fabulous Read

THE BOOKSELLER Cynthia Swanson: Women's Fiction

 A beautiful story about choice and dreams. Swanson has created a wonderful character is Kitty/Katharyn. A Good Read


  1. Oo, they look intriguing. Thank you for sharing, I'll have to check some of these out!

    Writing Women’s Fiction

  2. These all look interesting! I've added them to my ever growing to be read list :)

    thanks for visiting and blitzing me!


    1. I hope you enjoy them, Betty! I'm glad you dropped Into the Shade!

  3. As always, a nice selection. Great new blog look too!

    1. Thanks for both! I just changed the layout a bit. ;-)

  4. Going to a book sale tomorrow - will keep an eye out for some of your recommendations!


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