Thursday, December 2, 2010


~~That's the number of new words I wrote during the month of November. It was an amazing ride. I'm still going to aim for the 600 words a day average for the next four months in the hopes that I can have a complete rough draft for Friendly Fire by the end of March. That would mark the third anniversary of the dream that introduced me to Laura Grace and Samantha. The ladies have been growing and developing ever since. All of the characters who populate Cherry Hill become more real everyday.
~~Over at the Forum, among the crew of talented writers I share the Research and Craft and Writers Exercises folders with, there was an astounding output of words for NaNo month. The final tally is in the neighborhood of 910,000 words. I'm blown away by the number of creative people who reached the 50,000 goal. That includes one, Clarice in NZ, who wrote 100,000+ words.
~~November is a month to celebrate writers and words. May the words continue to flow for all the writers in the world. I can't live without them. ; )


  1. Confetti shower on your word count! I'm so glad we had that many Forumites participating; it made for a much more exciting NaNo than last year.

  2. I ignored NaNo last year, knowing I was not starting something from scratch and I had the strange idea that it had to be completely new. This year, I loved riding along with the rest of you without stressing over a 'green-bar word count.' Now a purple bar would have been fun. ; )

  3. Congratulations again on your wordcount -- nothing quite like opening the file and seeing all those beautiful words, yeah? :D

  4. Clarice! Good to see you on my blog. And you're right--nothing like seeing new words tallied up. ; )


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