Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Sweaters and A Christmas Book

~~Merry Christmas! The big day is nearly here and everyone is planning gifts for those around them. John and I have pared down our shopping over the years. We really don't need anything and our wants run more along the lines of having each other and love, peace, and calm. But we did go shopping for the puppies. ; ) Their winter sweaters from last year were woefully small, of course. They are now nearly two years old. The weather has been a bear and they needed sweaters for their walks. We found lovely ones in a catalog and are proud to say the boys look smashing. Don't you agree?
~~I received a great gift this morning as well. Spencer Crawford of the Times-Georgian and The Villa Rican asked to interview me about my new book, A Christmas Walk. The article is wonderful! Spencer is a great friend to all the local writers and this is one example. Go HERE to read the article if you don't get the Times-Georgian.
~~And have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas.


  1. Congratulations on your interview ZanMarie! Puppies? Sweaters? Oh my... *looks madly over pile of wool and patterns*
    Will have to remember that for next year :-)

  2. Thanks. It was a great interview and write up. And yes, puppy sweaters--great gift for those who have doggies.

  3. They're so cute in their sweaters

    The article is wonderful - congrats!

  4. Thanks, Tara. I'm about to add an addendum to the story. Wiley's sold out of my books--both of them. I just came back from taking them more to sell. I'm floating. ; )


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