Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Book Pusher: December

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You know you need a few last minute gifts... ;-)

MANY SPARROWS Lori Benton: Christian Historical Romance

How can we trust God when we can't trust others or ourselves? Clare Inglesby and Jerimiah Ring find the answers they seek, but only when they wait and don't make the answers on their own. Great Read.

THE CURSE OF CHALION Lois McMaster Bujold: Fantasy

Lois McMaster Bujold proves again that she is a master storyteller. The Curse of Chalion is one of the best introductions to a new world I've ever read. Cazarile is a fully realized character whose story will hook you and hold you long after you finish. This is a Must Read! 

THE SILENT SISTER Diane Chamberlain: Literary 

When a family hides secrets at in its heart, can anyone come out unscathed? Diane Chamberlain's The Secret Sister tells the story of one such family. Excellent Read!

FREEDOM'S RING Heidi Chiavaroli: Historical Fiction

Grace and love, forgiveness given and received all figure into this fabulous story of independence ancient and forever new. An absolutely must read!

THE CROWS OF BEARA Julie Christine Johnson: Romance

Poetry and magic pervade this amazing romance. If you've ever found a home place, you'll understand. Get this one now!

CLOSE TO HOME Deborah Raney: Christian Romance

Raney's fourth Chicory Inn novel is a beautiful exploration of remarriage, family, and responsibility. The Whitman family once again opens their hearts to how to live and love with courage.

RESTORING CHRISTMAS Cynthia Ruchti: Women's Fiction

You must read this Ruchti book NOW! It spoke to my soul in a deep way that I needed at this time. Ruchti's trademark storytelling and humor are even more important in this book than ever before. Read it today!

And a bonus review...

HOME AT LAST Deborah Raney: Christian Romance

Deborah Raney saved the best Chicory Inn story for last. With one fabulous love story, she explores the complexity of race in America. Read all of the Chicory Inn stories. You'll be glad you did.

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