Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Book Pusher's June Mini Book Review part 1: S. Bryant, D. Gabaldon, D. Hining, L. McNeill, F. Rivers

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CHANGE OF LIFE Samantha Bryant: Science Fiction Women's Fiction

(Postmenopausal Super Heroes book 2) This is a bigger rip-roaring superhero tale than Bryant's book one. I can't wait to find out what comes next for this fabulous cast of women now that their creator has made such heroes of a much maligned group.

THE SCOTTISH PRISONER Diana Gabaldon: Historical Fiction

This is even better than BROTHERHOOD OF THE BLADE and true to its title, it concerns Jamie Fraser and Lord John Grey. If you've ever wondered how these two very different men can be good friends, you must read this book. Besides, we all need a dose of Diana Gabaldon while waiting for the next big Jamie and Claire book.

A SAINT IN GRACELAND Deborah Hining: Christian Women's Fiction with elements of Romance

This is a story about the growth of mature and radical faith. The romance is nuance and amazing, too. Hining has topped her debut with a story of war and peace.

SISTER DEAR Laura McNeill: Women's Fiction/Suspense

In this taut mystery, the brilliant use of multi-POV tells a compelling story. The emotional journey will keep you guessing all the way to the end.

LEOTA'S GARDEN Francine Rivers: Christian Women's Fiction

This is a classic story of pain, forgiveness, love, and sacrifice in the style Rivers is known for. The deeply realized characters tell the story from multiple POV.

If you didn't find anything interesting above, how about one of these? Here are the 2016 WFWA STAR Award Nominees.
Finalists for General are:
  • Scott Wilbanks, The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster
  • Cynthia Ruchti, As Waters Gone By
  • Cynthia Swanson, The Bookseller
The finalist for Outstanding Debut are:
  • Kelli Estes, The Girl Who Wrote in Silk
  • Linda Lucretia Shuler, Hidden Shadows
  • Scott Wilbanks, The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster
Here's another chance to Read! Read! Read! this summer! Check out WFWA's Summer Reading Challenge.

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  1. Thanks, Zan! Looks like I'll be adding even more books to my neverending TBR. The mini-reviews are great: just the right amount of information to see if it's for you.

    1. :-D That's my goal. Good books for everyone!

  2. Hi ZanMarie!
    Long time no hear! I have been juggling a messy life this last year and half and am now trying to jump back in with both feet. Let's see how that works.
    I see one like on your reading list...Diana Gabaldon is always a go to for me. But I don't see anything by you? How is the writing going? Any publications on the horizon?
    I just started querying my novel The Beautiful Woman has Come and the first stop was #PitMad! Got a like from a Korean publisher...sigh, I think I'll pass on them. :)
    Will try to drop in over at Compuserve. Hope to see you and hear from you soon!

    1. Hi, Debra! Long time, indeed! I wish you luck with "The Beautiful Woman"! I pitched MOTHER'S DAY to a couple of agents in February. Both requested submissions, but the parts involved are taking a bit of time to get together. I hope to submit in July. Cross you fingers.

  3. Just catching up on my blog reading. I have the Scottish Prisoner but must confess I have yet to read it. I tend to get lost in Diana's books and I just don't have time to get lost in anyone's writing but my own these days. So, I choose good but put-downable books. :0) As always, I will make note of your other selections for future book store forays.

    1. Whatever works is my mantra. That's why I read such a variety of books. Happy writing, Rose!

  4. Lots of great books to read! I'm so far behind on my to-read list, I feel like I'll never get caught up!

  5. Ha! Who said I didn't have a towering TBR pile, Stephanie!

  6. Loved Scottish Prisoner. I really want all my books from storage, but then I'll get sucked into a long bout of rereading, won't I?

  7. And what's wrong with reading?! :-D


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