Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June Links

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Some of my many books...
And now, on the center stage--the Links for June! There's enough for everyone. Pick and chose of read it all. I aim to please. tease, and share the wisdom of writers, editors, and agents. And, Readers! Without them, there would be no reason for the rest of us. ;-)


Readers (without you, we writers would be lost. XOXOX)
Let me know which is more "link worthy" to you. I value the input!
Next Week: The Book Pusher's June Mini Book Reviews, Part 2!


  1. Thank you for another round of helpful links, ZM! The Teddy Roosevelt link was my favorite. His mention of lists like the '100 Best' gave me a laugh. Then a pause. How prevalent lists are in our lives. Does a day go by when we're not influenced by somebody else's lists? It's easy to say don't be a book snob, but the impact of lists on how we receive information, whether through books, social media, even search engines--the ultimate list maker--is undeniable. Think of the lengths you go to for your website to be recognized. By the way, I Googled 'southern writer' and got the result: 10 Contemporary Southern Authors You Should be Reading. There's that *should* word again ...

  2. "Should" is such a loaded word! I'm sure I "should" be doing a lot more than I am to promote my blog, writing, etc. At least I'm trying to do it. Glad you liked the list. ;-)

  3. Love the Roosevelt quotes!
    Oops, don't think there's a link for the third person pov one?

  4. Yikes! I'll have to hunt that up! Thanks, Deniz.

  5. I was going to link to Roosevelt's rules next week. :)That's a great one. I'll have to check the rest of these out.


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