Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grace for the New Year

~~The turn of the year is always a time of introspection. Many of us look back at the past and consider our achievements and heartaches. But we also look forward and wonder what the future will bring--sometimes with trepidation and sometimes with anticipation.

~~Whatever your mood, I wish you all a Happy New Year and offer two songs for the season. The first is from Kevin Walsh of "Outlander--the Musical" fame.

~~The second is a link. Be sure to click on it, for it is an amazing rendition of the old hymn "Amazing Grace" sung by the Four Tenors while at the Coliseum.


~~May grace be with you all this new year.


  1. I love Amazing Grace. My friend tells me it is such a difficult song to sing.

  2. Both great choices! Peace to you as well!

  3. Love the Amazing Grace clip, Zan Marie, thanks! Do you know where that concert was held? Spectacular setting!

  4. I understood it was the Coliseum in Rome, but I've also read that it was in Croatia. There are serveral coliseums from ancient Rome around Europe. I toured the one in Verona. Amazing place!


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