Monday, January 17, 2011

A Whole New Look

~~I know. It's different than it was this morning. The blog needed a new look and I was ready to ditch the Pepto-Bismol pink. There were so many different possiblities and I looked at them again and again. I could have black and dramatic, simple and understated, photo window with a beach house, but in the end, the birds did it. I needed that one more image to really sell the cherry tree shade theme.

~~So welcome to the new Cherry Tree for the new year.


  1. It's lovely! Mmm, wish I was eating those cherries right now... or wearing them as earrings!

  2. Or watching the new budding leaves and blooms that were fooled by the warm December and are now being nipped by snow, ice, and bitter wind...Sigh. The Cherry Tree is having a hard time. I'm crossing my fingers.

    Thanks, I may do a bit of tweaking yet with the blog's looks, but for now, it's a welcome change.


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