Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Book Pusher: December Mini Book Reviews

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This is your last chance to use The Book Pusher's mini book reviews for your shopping list for gifts. ;-) You know you want to buy a few for family and friends--or the ever popular "gift for myself" list.

GENTLEMAN JOLE AND THE RED QUEEN Lois McMaster Bujold: Space Opera

 A fabulously twisty and rewarding SF Romance by a master in the field. Must Read, but only if you've read the entire Vorkosigan series beforehand.

DRUMS OF AUTUMN Diana Gabaldon: Historical/Time Travel

Another fabulous part of the OUTLANDER Series. If you haven't read these books, what are you waiting for?

TWILIGHT CHRISTMAS Normandie Ward Fischer Romance/Women's Fiction

In a continuation of her Carolina Coast Series, Fischer gives her readers a Christmas story of danger, warmth, and redemption. If you love good stories, be sure to read this one.

THE ROSE GARDEN Susanna Kearsley: Historical Romance

This wonderful romance will weave its way into your heart, and its twists and turns will delight, scare, and excite you in turn.

EXIT SIGNS Patrice Locke: Romance

Either a romantic comedy or romantic suspense, but who cares? The main character, a documentary writer, is always trying to pin down the genre controlling her life with limited success--until she meets Jesse Elliot, and then all bets are off. Fun Read!

GREAT SMALL THINGS Jodi Picoult: Women's Fiction

Picoult takes on the charged topics of racism, justice, and privilege in Great Small Things and succeeds in opening eyes to the full story. As always Picoult's multiple--POV narrative opens windows into the minds of each character touched by the story.

Next week: Some gifts for writers... ;-)


  1. Two of my favourites together...Kearsley & Gabaldon. ;0)

  2. How dear of you to mention Twilight Christmas, Zan Marie, in among these other wonderful books.

    1. If the shoe fits... ;-) You deserve to be in the list, Normandie!

  3. Ooh, these look good. Well, I know Drums of Autumn is really good. But darn, my list is growing again, more than usual!


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