Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October Links

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Wow! Check out Why the Great Green Dragon Could Not Exist.I guess I knew this from speaking and reading English for sixty (yes, you read that right years). It makes a ton of sense once you see it spelled out.

I bet you didn't know that writers are masochist. Really. Ready the Seven Cruel Ways Writers Torture Themselves. You'll understand.

Now to that writer torture device--the Query. Here's Rachelle Gardener's take.

And writer torture device number two--the synopsis. Here's three takes on how to do it:
Check out this reminder of how to approach a workshop--Check Your Ego at the Door.

Backstory takes finessing. Here's Margie's Rule Number 17: Finessing the Backstory.

Here's why you must backup your work--One for the Books: Novelist Runs Into Burning Home for Laptop

And finally after all of that, Remember Why You Started.

We deserve flower after all that work!
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Next Week: A second harvest of mini book reviews--just in time for Christmas shopping. ;-)


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