Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Book Pusher's August Mini Book Reviews: V. Diffenbaugh, J. Kibler, C. Martin, P. McLinn

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THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS Vanessa Diffenbaugh: Women's Fiction

 An amazing journey of a foster child into love, loss, and growing up with all of life seemingly against her. Her one solace gives her a voice--flowers and their meanings. This is an absolutely must read.

CALLING ME HOME Julie Kibler: Women's Fiction

A poignant story of love and loss, and what we sacrifice for both. Calling Me Home is a deep, enriching story that shows racism in all its facets, but also tells how love can heal. The lovely characters live and will steal your heart. Must Read!

THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US Charles Martin: Suspense

The Mountain Between Us is an amazing testament to enduring love and the stamina and faith required to maintain it. Must Read

SHOOT FIRST Patricia McLinn: Mystery (Caught Dead Wyoming #3)

McLinn continues her charming mystery series with another twisty story.

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  1. I'm not looking... at either this post or your last book list. I'm not looking... Must ensure that my Book Buying Ban stays in effect... Must read the books I already own...

  2. :-D Good luck! The Book Pusher is pushing your buttons... "Mwahahaha!"


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