Tuesday, June 16, 2015

4 Mini Book Reviews/June part 2: R. Carr, N. Ward Fischer, L. Grimes, B. Straub

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FOUR FRIENDS Robyn Carr: Women's Fiction

This is a good story on the journeys of many women. The ultimate truth: be good to yourself and allow the others needs to fall into place.  

HEAVY WEATHER Normandie Ward Fischer: Women's Fiction 

Fischer, as always, gives us a great story with deep understanding of women's trials. By returning to the Carolina coast, she utilizes a setting that is deep and rich. Sit back and enjoy!

PRE-FIX Linda Grimes: Urban Paranormal Fantasy

Find out how Ceil Halligan's job as an aural adaptor began...You won't be sorry. ;-)

HANGING FROM THE HIGH WIRE Bridget Straub: Women's Fiction

This is an amazing and gritty look at emotional illness from the inside. This is a must read. 

Next Week: A run down on recent releases. You know you need a book(s) to read. Of course, you do!


  1. I'm so far behind in my reading, I still have to read Linda Grime's latest offerings.

  2. I loved Pre-Fix too! Be sure to move it up your pile, Sara :-)


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