Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Tip: 5 Links for conquering the Sinister Synopsis

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Some of you may know that I've been tackling the Sinister Synopsis lately. Agents need them to prove we have a complete story. They then use synopses to sell our books to publishers. I know you've been told to tell your story in X number of pages. I've had to write a one-page synopsis for the first contest, and, believe me, it's a challenge to sum up a 79,000 word story in one page! Yikes! In order to do it, I've had to investigate a few links for helpful info. Like the Somebody Wanted something, But Something happened, So they did this in the cartoon above. I hope a few of these links help you, too.

Back to Basics: Writing a Novel Synopsis Janet Friedman

How to Write a Synopsis--Nathan Bransford

Learning to Love the Synopsis Jael McHenry

The Anatomy of a Short Synopsis Christine Fonesca

How to Write a Synopsis of a Novel Glenn Strathy

Good luck, writers! Do you have a few suggestions to share?
Next Week: The latest of the Mini Book Reviews. 


  1. Love the comic on SWBS strategy. And, I feel your pain in tackling the synopsis. Far more fun to write the novel.

  2. Isn't it, Rose! LOL! Got to do both. And queries, too.

  3. Bear with me, faithful readers. I'm working on the new reCAPTUA thingy.

  4. I like this Somebody Wanted... idea. I should really keep it in mind next time for raising the stakes!

  5. It works. That's the thing, if we can see the story for the details, our readers will too.


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