Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Mini Book Review--Ev Bishop, L.A. Heller, S. Monk Kidd, T. Walsh

Here's a healthy dose for reading with the rain sets in. Enjoy!

BIGGER THINGS Ev Bishop--Women's Fiction

Bishop deftly deconstructs all the faulty self-images women fall prey to, especially the ones associated with body image. All three of her focal characters have a secret and are fully rounded, understandable, and growing. This is a lovely read.

 THE NEVER NEVER SISTERS L. Alison Heller--Women's Fiction
 No two people grow up in the same family--even if it's the same one. The Never Never Sisters is a good exploration of this idea. Good read.

 THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES Sue Monk Kidd--Literary Woman's Fiction

Kidd conjures up a magical coming of age story that takes a deep look at the feminine divine. The collection of images of bees and women is intense and powerful. This is a must read.

THE MOON SISTERS Therese Walsh--Women's Fiction
This is a complex story that follows Olivia and Jazz Moon through the stages of grief. Neither sister has the complete picture. The Moon Sisters is a deeply felt read that will stick with you.

Which of these good reads catches your eyes the most?
Happy Reading! Next week I'll introduce you to Lara Lancomb, a romantic suspense author. ;-)


  1. I just added Ev's to my goodreads list. Can't wait to read it!

    1. Dear Sara, I'm so excited you've added me. I hope Zan Marie's right--that you love it, or at very least enjoy it a lot. ;) Happy reading!

  2. Aw, thanks so much for the lovely review here, Zan Marie! (And sorry it took me a few days to respond; I had a few technical issues). I'm so happy you enjoyed BIGGER THINGS and really appreciate you spreading the word. Wishing you a month (actually, make that unending months) of great reads. :) ~Ev

    1. You're very welcome! I love sharing good books with my readers. ;-)

  3. I've always wondered what The Secret Life of Bees was about...

    1. Deniz, you'd love Monk Kidd's book. I promise!


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