Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mini Book Reveiws!

I love letting y'all know about some great reads. Enjoy the mini book review.

BLACK AND BLUE Anna Quindlen--Women's Fiction

Quindlen shows her talent for getting deep into her characters with BLACK AND BLUE. It's a harrowing story of an abused wife who finally finds a measure of peace. This is a serious read, but its unvarnished look at a great social ill of our day deserves to be read and shared.

 THE PIRATE'S SECRET BABY Darlene Marshall--historical romance

Darlene Marshall has another smasher for you! I loved it. I figured out Robert's secret, but Lydia's caught me by surprise. All of the clues were there. Well done!

 STARGAZEY POINT Shelley Noble--women's fiction

This fabulous story brings the fight of tradition vs. progress into clarity. Noble populates Stargrazey Point with wonderful characters with important stories to tell. By the way, I want to ride the carrousel. ;-)

Stargazey Point is the WFWA book club choice for June at Goodreads.

SAVING GRACE Barbara Rogan--Literary

Rogan's book, SAVING GRACE, is a tour de force look into politics, family, and relationships. It's a great read. One you'll not soon forget.

And I saved the long-awaited latest from Diana Gabaldon for last.

historical, adventure, military, SF/fantasy, and indescribably good

Diana Gabaldon has again crafted an amazing story, a masterpiece, that ties up the threads from its predecessor, AN ECHO IN THE BONE, with a roller coaster of a ride. She writes every single one of her POV characters' hearts, minds, and souls with humanity. WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD is my second favorite of all the Gabaldon books. But be forewarned: There's more coming in this story. If you haven't read Diana Gabaldon's books before, start at the beginning with OUTLANDER. You won't be sorry. The STARZ TV production of the first book debuts on August 9 at 9 p.m. 

Happy Reading! Next week I have a new Author Interview for you. Come to the Shade and meet Elle Druskin. ;-)


  1. I've read the last two, the others are new to me. Thanks!

  2. Still waiting for my copy of MOHB from the Poisoned Pen. Here's hoping it will arrive soon!

    1. Thank goodness I bought both a copy form PP and the ebook. I think I'd be dying if I hadn't gotten my hands on it. ;-)

  3. I loved Moby too! DG did a great job with the interweaving and the emotions and all the links between the characters. And yay for Darlene and Barbara! I haven't read that one of Barbara's yet. The last one I read was Cafe Nevo - brilliant!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Deniz! I love all these books!


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