Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter Weather in Cherry Hill

When I created Cherry Hill, Georgia, it came with all the winter weather I grew up with and this winter has been a particularly cold and snowy season. Here are some pictures from last week. This week will be in the 70s several days.

As the saying goes: if you don't like Georgia's weather, stick around three days, it will change. ;-)

Enjoy the photos.

First Baptist Temple through the cherry limbs

Icy roads with ice and snow covered trees

Nandina berries

Cherry limb coated in ice and layered with snow
FRIENDLY FIRE Update: I'm still plugging along, averaging a chapter a day. On I go to a complete draft by the end of March...I hope. ;-)


S.P. Bowers said...

We went to the park and played with no jackets on this morning. From ice storm to 70s like the flip of the switch. It's crazy.

Zan Marie said...

I know! I'm certain that Mother Nature is laughing at us. There's more winter to come...after all the trees are blooming.

Tara said...

So, so pretty! It has been a crazy winter for us in the deep south, hasn't it?

Zan Marie said...

You bet! I'm just afraid we're not done yet. :-(

SA Larsenッ said...

Okay. All this talk of cherries is making my mouth water! As far as the snow - you can keep it. We have plenty up here. Another 6 inches is falling as I type this. Hopping over to thank you for joining my Creed! I hope it helps. :)

Zan Marie said...

Thank you, SA for creating such a wonderful Creed! The cherries are important to me and my WIP, though they're people more than food. ;-)

Deniz Bevan said...

Gorgeous, especially the berries. We're getting more snow tomorrow... I still prefer snow to -20C!

Zan Marie said...

You and me both, Deniz!