Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Write-A-Thin Check In

One month. One goal. That's the plan at least. The Women's Fiction Writers Association sets aside January to focus on one goal--rewriting, revising, editing, writing. Whatever the member needs to do, we all fall in to help and congratulate each other on achieving that goal.
My goal is to add rough, new words to the nine known holes in Part 2 of FRIENDLY FIRE.
Here's my initial list and where I've gotten on it.
  1. A Few Days Later
  2. Meeting with Manuel Nunez to talk about Samantha's abuse--First pass has been done. There's notes on what to do with it later
  3. Rosemary on Samantha and Eric
  4. Cassie Attacks--first pass has been done
  5. Need general life with Samantha, maybe folded into Violent Violet and Comfort foods, etc.--First pass has been done.
  6. Birds and Bees after X-rated and New Year's Eve--first pass has been done with notes on what to do with it later
  7. Laura Grace's birthday? This is a possible cut
  8. Getting out of the hospital
  9. Paying to Parent/Possible cut or image folded into another place--folded into Violent Violet and first pass done.
I'm also one of the Program Coordinators for this year's Write-A-Thin. Along with my partner Cathy Vignolini, we have been keeping everyone on track. We have eleven days to go. ;-)
If my plans work, I hope to announce that I have a complete draft of FRIENDLY FIRE sometime in March to mark the sixth anniversary of the idea that have become, not only my current focus work-in-progress, but the start of a series of stories about a family and town who live in my mind. Cross your fingers. ;-)


  1. Hey meh, I've been following your blog for almost 6 months now without leaving any comment so I decided to quickly say hi today.
    Regards, Daniel from http://danieluyi.com

    1. Hi, Daniel! Welcome out of lurkerdom!

  2. I'm so excited for you! And me! I know you can do this. You have a lot of fans waiting (sometimes not so) patiently.

    1. LOL! I hope so! So many things have to fall into place for FRIENDLY FIRE to make it to the market. The first one is within my grasp--complete the MS! Now! ;-)

  3. Yay! I'm so excited you might have a draft ready by March! Celebrate the nearness. Then get back to work :)

    1. That's maybe a complete draft ready by March, Sara! ;-)


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