Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mini-Reviews VI

Here's my latest crop of mini-reviews. Enjoy!

Beggars in Spain Nancy Kress (science fiction)
BEGGARS IN SPAIN is a classic SF novel with high concepts and an exploration of what it means to be human. Good read.

Calling Me Home Julie Kibler (literary women's fiction)
CALLING ME HOME is a deep, enriching story that shows racism in all its facets, but also tells how love can heal. The lovely characters live and will steal your heart. Must Read!

Every Last One Anna Quindlen (literary)
This is a must read! It's brilliantly written deep internal voice and a novel about the lies we tell ourselves.    

I'll Take What She Has Samantha Wilde (women's fiction)
I'LL TAKE WHAT SHE HAS is a lovely book that takes lifelong friends Annie and Nora on a trip of growth and learning that allows them to look wisely at their own lives. Good read

The Unfinished Garden Barbara Claypool White (literary romance)
This is a lovely romance with two damaged characters finding the road a bit bumpy, but worth the trip. Good read

BTW, my hubby started on the kitchen remodel today. Let's just say, life is interesting. ; )
Hopefully I'll have Kristen Callihan's interview for you next week.


  1. What are you doing in the kitchen? Total overhaul or sprucing?

  2. Let's see, Sara--removing wallpaper and painting, adding under cabinet lighting, new counter tops and backsplash, and tiling the floor. Is that major? It feels that way to me right now. ; )

  3. Doing without a kitchen is a pain pain! I've done it. Yes the floors and countertops are major!

  4. Jo, I knew you'd understand. It's a major hassle. Even warming up supper last night was a pain. I do have the microwave and the crock pot, but when the dining room has every horizontal surface covered, it's hard to maneuver.

  5. Hmm, these all sound good! I think I've got Anna Quindlen somewhere on my wishlist...


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