Friday, November 18, 2011

Blame it on the Season...

~~Yes, I'm still here, but I've been busy. I've been rewriting the opening of FRIENDLY FIRE (several times) for this month's exercise at Books and Writers. Add to that the painting of windows, hanging of new blinds, and all around household chaos and you have a writer with no time.

~~So I thought I'd give you a lovely shot of my mother-in-law's ginkgo tree in all its Autumn glory. And a line to describe it. Enjoy. ; )

~~Autumn's leaves--The pot of gold at the end of Summer's rainbow
Have a great Thanksgiving if you're in the States.


  1. Thanks, Fairview ; )

    Michael, They're Japanese, I think. Asian, at least and they are very popular around here. Just don't get a female tree. The fruit *stinks*. ; )

  2. I love that photo! And I still have to get around to posting Part B of the X - before the months ends!

  3. The end of Spring fever into the Fall clean up before shutting the house up for the winter...always fun.

  4. Thanks, Deniz! You'll get to the X.

    Well, add painting all the trim, getting new flooring in the front three rooms, and finally gutting the kitchen. It'll be awhile before we're done. ; )

  5. Good to see you here again Zan. Good luck on the house work. It's fun but exhausting.

  6. Good to see you, too, Sara! I'm going to start a set day to blog each week. Maybe that will help. ; )


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