Sunday, October 2, 2011

Campaign Musings

~~What is it about campaigns that make me want to redesign my blog? ; ) I think it's seeing all the fabulous designs among the campaigners that just spark my creative juices. I did a new one yesterday, but I don't think it's set in stone yet.

~~Have you read all the fabulous entries in the Second Challenge yet? What a wonderful collection of great writing! I've only gotten to about a third of the 186 (so far) entries. Thank goodness it can't grow any more after Tuesday. Maybe I'll finish... ; )

~~I have to apologize to the members of my two groups. I haven't been coming around nearly enough. I have had a bumper crop of words in September. Mainly it's due to the September Writers Exercise at the Books and Writers Forum. If you've never visited the Forum, you owe it to yourself. It's my go to place for challenges, critiques, lessons, and camaraderie. Besides, if you love Diana Gabaldon books, you'll love the Diana Gabaldon folder at B & W. ; )

~~So watch this space for more redesigns and more praise for Forum.


  1. Beautiful! I change my blog design every few weeks which may be overkill. I tend to redesing for seasons and events. Like now, it's almost Halloween, before it was the release of my new horror. I find new bells and whistles, delete some old ones, rearrange my blog when I feel like it.

    There are others, who only redesign when they have to like when the old blogger converted to the new format...and there is now another one. Yeah, I've been around blooger for a number of years now.

    It's like trying on a new dress, buy another shade of lipstick for women. You know what they say, right. Women redecorate.LOL

  2. Thanks, Jo. I noticed your redesigns. I've just realized how many options blogger provides. I thought a lot of what I was seeing was custom, but now I realize blogger was the source. I even researched some free blog designs, but stuck close to home.

    But blink, and it might be different. LOL!

  3. I think your design changes look good! I didn't have the stamina or the time to read all the entries either - not while trying to finish edits - but every one I have read has been great! It's neat to see all the variations that everyone comes up with, using the same list of odd words.

  4. Thanks, Deniz
    I'm going to try to read some more, but if my own words are coming on my own projects, I'll err on the side of writing. ; )

    Congrats again on finishing editing OUT OF WATER.

  5. I haven't been able to make it around to any of the new entries in the current campaign contest, but I'm sure there are some great ones out there. I like what you're doing to your blog!


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