Friday, May 27, 2011

Still Having Snafus

~~It's a conspiracy. I swear it! Since late Wednesday evening, I've not been able to post comments on certain blogs. Every time I hit post, blogger signs me out and when I sign in again, I'm anonymous. It's getting frustrating. I've updated my browser and adding a new blog post. Hope that helps. Cross your fingers.

ETA: Where did my followers go? You're not shown even though the widget is still in place. I've notices it's missing at other blogs too. Could that be the problem? More to think about.

ETA Saturday May 28: There is a work around for the commenting problem. When you get signed out, be sure to unclick the "keep me signed in" box. For some reason it's working opposite of what is says. I'm now able to comment anywhere. But my followers are still missing.


  1. I am having different problems with Blogger, Zan. It is behaving like a naughty child.

  2. A bad, naughty, horrible child! I've tried everything I know to do and I'm still not able to post at some blogs. I'm going to wait until they post something new and try again. Hope your snafus clear up, too.

  3. You are not alone, problems here as well! Maybe it is the weather..

  4. I'm glad you could put something up. I hope you get all your commenting abilities back too.

  5. Sorry to say, Sara, but you're still out of reach on the comments. I'm going to do a blog roll call this afternoon and see if I can find if it's all one type of blogs (ie--their comments are a certain way, etc.)

    Sorry you're having problems, too. Blogger needs to figure this out.

  6. I've been having some of your issues. Two day's ago I was anonymous. Had to use Live Journal to be able to comment.

    BTW - I got the book yesterday evening. Thanks!

  7. Oh, great, JL! I'm been wondering about your book.

    I don't have a Live Journal account, only google so I don't think that would work. Off to try all my blogs to see if I can comment.

  8. Well....... so far I've been able to leave a comment on someone who doesn't have the popup box. Maybe cos I'm on Chrome?

  9. Who knows, Deniz. I updated to IE9 today. I was on IE7. Neither has helped.

  10. I haven't had any issues with Blogger, but my hubby has the past couple of days. Although Google regularly signs me out of everything (Docs, Gmail, Blogger, etc.) but I thought it was just me.

    I have had some trouble with WordPress & Posterous blogs-- haven't been able to comment on them lately!

  11. I've only had similar blogger problems on one browser - Safari. Though I admit I haven't tried blogger on IE, because I hate IE. LOL. Still, it works for me on Firefox (so far...)

  12. Su,
    Being signed out *before* you can comment is just weird! I'm still not sure what's the deal, but it seems to be with only a part of the blogs. So far, Wordpress blogs haven't been a problem. ; )

    I only use IE. I'm a bit scared to go adding all the different browsers. I did update to IE9 yesterday and it's speed is amazing. Of course, I was still using IE7 until then. IE8 was hopeless. Good luck.

  13. SAME HERE! I want to punch Blogger in the face. It ate a draft I worked on for 2 hours (on metaphors). *sobs*
    Also, I have 'no' followers either, just a sad, empty void on my sidebar. :(

    What's weird is when I visit other blogs, sometimes I can see their followers and sometimes I can't. (in your case...sadly, nope. Empty like mine.) I mean, why are some working and some not?

    Also, I have a Mac and use Safari as my browser...same issues as your IE. So I don't think it's about that.
    I was also trying to figure out if it was a template in Blogger template vs. custom (since mine is custom), but I can't see the followers of those with basic blogger templates of some people and can with others. Thus, I have not figured out what the glitch is.
    I know it's free, so I try to be patient. But, I feel bad when it won't allow me to comment on other blogs or follow them back. I hope people don't think I'm a snob or rude.

    Have a lovely weekend, Zan Marie. :)

  14. Lola,
    Mine is a blogger template with advanced design. I don't think it's that. The Blogger help forum is where I found the work around--and it wasn't from blogger, but from another user. They claim a roll out patch is on the way, but until then, I'll work my way around. But I don want my followers back!

    You have a great weekend too, Lola

  15. I have heard a lot of people are having problems with blogger. I have not experienced any issues so far, so I am lucky.

  16. Regina,
    Yes, you are! My followers are back today--so far. ; )

  17. Still can't access my full blog roll in Chrome, even though it works in IE! Otherwise (fingers crossed) everything else seems okay...

  18. Good luck! I have to not stay signed in and for some reason that works. Who knows why.


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