Saturday, May 14, 2011

SNAFUs Are the Norm

~~I'm sure if you use Blogger, you already know about the snafu this week. During maintenance, they had to restore the system in a "read only" state. Blogsites lost both posts and comments. As time goes by, Blogger hopes to restore all the data.

~~All I can say is that I lost no posts only because I hadn't posted any. ; ) A bad head cold and a computer screen do not mix well. I don't know about comments. If you tried to comment on my last post and it got lost, sorry I didn't comment back.

~~If you were wondering about the word SNAFU, it's an acronym from World War II. The other one I've heard is FUBAR. The words they stand for aren't PG rated. ; ) I have a feeling the folks at Blogger said a few such words this week.


  1. What an amazing stuff-up! I was bidding on an online auction and lost because my comment went missing! Luckily I didn't lose posts, but I did lose all my comments on one :(

    LOL, I've heard both of those! We have military in the family, and they have any number of interesting and intriguing (and rather rude) acronyms! :D Bet the Blogger people used all of them.



  2. I'm sorry about your lost bid, but I'm glad you didn't lose posts. I do know a few who did.

    And yes, I think the blogger staff did use some "colorful" language. I'm not sure I blame them. ; )

  3. I'm really glad my blog posts came back. There're a few comments I made here and there that are missing but at least all the comments that came to my blog were saved in my Gmail. Could have been worse, but I've got remember to back up more regularly! As if I don't save too many files as it is...

  4. Must make backups. ; ) Of course, if it's one of my "puppy power" posts, it won't be a sad.

  5. Well, you know, Zan Marie, I knew about the glitch, but did not think to check my posts. ?? I'll do that now.

  6. Laura,
    I don't know if you posted during that time. I didn't and didn't worry about comments I made other places. I'm just counting myself lucky. ; )


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