Monday, January 10, 2011

No, Mommy, Don't Make Me!

~~Too be fair to the pups, when there is four and a quarter inches of snow on the ground and it's topped by a half inch of ice, and you have 4 inch long legs, it's hard to get around. Even if you need to pee and poo. At least, that's what Max was saying as he clung to the garage wall today. Casey was a little bit more adventurous. He did go out a bit with his daddy.

~~Travel around here is very treacherous and yet there are people trying it. I'm hoping no one slides off the street and into our house here in the curve on Carrollton Street. As slick as it is, it's more than possible. Charlotte, Miss Helen's help for today, hasn't been able to come and John has walked and slid across the yard a few times to care for her.

~~Now I know, teachers are the world's biggest weather watchers, but this is the third frozen precipitation event already this winter and it's only January 10. That doesn't bode well for the rest of the season at all. We have the rest of January and all of February, and part of March to go when possible snow events have happened in our neck of the woods. Thank goodness, I'm retired. In fact, we have had snow in April before. I'm not looking forward to such an eventful winter. Just let me stay in doors and have power. That's all I want.

~~So, take care, walk carefully, and don't get too cold.


  1. Why is is that kids get snow days when their parents still have to trudge in to work? We should all get snow days more often!
    Sorry, pups [g]

  2. Deniz, It's slicker today than yesterday. The streets are better, but the driveways and yards are an ice rink. The pups slide around and so do the birds. I've never seen it this slick.

  3. Love these!

    You know it's cold when there are frozen yellow puddles all over the yard, lol!

  4. It's not just the pups. The birds around the feeders are leaving some stains, too. I'll post a blog about *our* flock later. ; )


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