Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Middle of November

~~It's a gorgeous fall day. The leaves are lovely. Just look at our maple and the ginko at John's mother's house. The weather is changing, though. The forecast is for one to two inches of rain by the end of the day on Tuesday and by then, the leaves will be nearly gone. In fact, the maple tree has dropped three-fourths of its leaves today. Be glad I took the photo yesterday. ; )
~~Today marks the end of NaNo week 2 as well. I'm excited to report that I'm officially over ten thousand words for the month. 10,120 to be exact. And they're mostly good words with very little dreck. Now don't get me wrong, there's still a lot to do on these new scenes, like adding bits of underpainted setting and emotional feelings. Still, I'm very pleased with my month. I've typed all these words in and they're ready for play later. On to new words. At this rate, I'll break 20,000 by November 30. ; )


  1. Don't laugh, but I was going to comment on this post - and how gorgeous your photos are - this morning but refrained, because whatever settings we have on the internet at work, commenting on blogger blogs always crashes my computer.
    Wish me luck that this will go through...
    Can't wait to see more and more of your 10,000 words!

  2. Deniz,
    Oh don't crash the computer! There's one more we will photograph when the clouds are gone tomorrow. It's lovely, too. I've been working on the church project and just reread the "found" sequence from NaNo. It reads well. Maybe my brain is ready to begin again. ; )

  3. You are doing so awesome with keeping up, you non-nano-er, you!

    The majority of our gorgeous leaves came off in the last couple of rainy, windy days.

  4. Tara,
    I'm not blazing today, but did write about 600. That's my personal goal for an average per day for the month. So far, so good. ; )


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