Thursday, April 1, 2010


~~Well, it's as done as a rough draft can be. I finished A Christmas Walk's rough draft and now I'm planning to start the rest of the process. As many of you know, editing, formatting, and getting a manuscript ready for printing is a much longer process than writing the rough draft. In fact, this rough draft is a record. I've written it in about four months! I'm amazed and thrilled that it is done. Now on to the tough job. ; )
~~I'm going on the record of when the rest of the job will be done. In April, I'll do the first rough edit and type it in. Yes, I'm a long hand composer. If that is complete by May, I'll let my husband John and Susan Edwards at it. June is scheduled for two more of my close readers. In July, I plan to finish the ticky formatting stuff and in August, if all is going well, we print.
~~So wish me luck and fast fingers. ; )


  1. Congratulations Zan Marie!
    I've been reading an Easter Walk and have to say, it was a wonderful guide during Lent. Has your poetry been published anywhere else? I'd love to read more!

  2. Deniz,
    I just found this comment. Thank you! You might just become a blurb on the cover of A Christas Walk. ; ) My poetry has been in some anthologies. I don't usually think of myself as a poet, but several readers of An Easter Walk have commented on the poems as their favorite part.


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