Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's a boy--and a boy!

~~When is a Cassie really a Casey? When he is so dark brown that it's hard to tell if he is a boy or a girl. That is until his people observe closely when he is outside doing his business. So our little girl is a little boy and we couldn't care less. I remembered the breeder saying we have a girl and a boy, but John has always been sure we have two boys. Guess who's correct? ; )

~~So we are the proud "parents" of two little boy puppies who are growing fast. The boys are nine weeks old in the photo. Casey is bigger than Max. If you wonder why the smaller of the two is named Max, we weren't too sure at first either. But the longer we observed him, the clearer it became that Max always gives his maximum effort no matter what he's doing--running, wrestling, chewing, or sleeping. Both of the boys are learning two new words--come and sit. Treats are a must, but at least they are starting to get the point.

~~I am still laughing about my being outnumbered by the three males in the house. This big laugh is a great example of the joy we can find everyday in the shade of the cherry tree. ; )


  1. You gave an inch and Uncle John took 3 miles! :)

  2. Awww...who cares, your two little boys are cute as buttons!


  3. Lee,
    Oh, he's just right and that's the final word on the subject. Not really! ; )

  4. You're right--who cares! I sure don't. It explains the fighting better. ; )

  5. Oh, that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! This may be a first, and you may just have to submit an article somewhere about this. And you're right, I'm sure the gender matters not. You just want them to be healthy and happy...We can see they are ADORABLE!



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